Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Trip to Toronto - 14

Today is a Saturday and I stayed in the room. I got up and had calls with my love, my friends who logged in and then by noon it was football time. First it was Arsenal leading a 4-0 to the Newcastle United who finally managed a 4-4 draw if not because of their bad luck which stopped them getting a win in fact at the 90th minute. The eventful match was followed by another match which marked an end for the Manchester United’s winning/draw streak in the English Premier League as they lost the away match 1-2 to Wolves. Well, Manchester United really needs players. Except Nani, I don’t see a soul left there. Anyways, after these, the time was for my favorite Barcelona to reap victory in a hat trick from Lionel Messi in a 3-0 win over the Atletico Madrid. There was no Forlan or Augero. It was Guardiola and Barcelona all the way through as they also got into the all time high record of 16 wins in la-Liga by any team in the history. You just have to love the way they played. Names like Xavi, Inesta, Pedro, Villa and Messi, they all sound synonymous.

The football laden day rolled into my Roadies 8 show time at Youtube as Raghu ensured some real entertainment. Lunch and dinner was Pizza today. And I also got myself Bread and choco-biscuits as I exhausted my stock of foods for the breakfast. I am learning algorithms on my own. They say that that is what makes a difference. Algorithms are powerful and they always help you make your brain work extra as they teach you really cool programming stuffs. My tries to solve a few programmatic puzzles from the Facebook and has got me thinking into as to how to code the other way round. I just hope I see it till the end.

It has started to snow again. It felt nice though, with lower temperatures to go out and get the food. As I watched the T.V. today I couldn’t help notice something which I would like to share. It comes from a commercial and I really liked what it said about the Canadians. I guess, if some Canadian is reading this, he likes it. It said “The self esteem of a Canadian doesn’t simply allow him to expect a warmer day. And to break the cold is just a national sport for the Canadians.” LOL…

That’s all for today.